A great fig fertilizing regimen

February 26, 2020 • Fig Videos • Views: 154

I enjoy watching YouTube. In fact, I enjoy it so much, I consider it my private tutor when it comes to learning. I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I don’t watch youtube. I use it to learn mostly about figs, gardening, fixing projects, how to’s etc. Of course, I dwell into weird stuff as well like “funniest videos, soldiers coming home, latest memes, codes and script for a particular project I have” and so on.  I have done many researches on figs either to see what people think of them to doing research to add to the Fig Database.

One channel in particular I find very educational for figs is that of Anthony’s. Many of you may have heard of him and his channel which goes by the name of “The Millennial Gardener“. I just like how informative he makes his videos. The time he takes to share his experience and knowledge, step by step to the community. Mind you, Anthony is pretty new to “The Fig Game”. However, you can tell he is very meticulous with what he does and in return, release great, valuable content for us all to enjoy and learn from.

fig fertilizing

One of my favorite videos to date, that Anthony has made has got to be “Why Do My Fig Trees Look So Good? How I Fertilize My Figs” It was so good and valuable to me that as soon as he released it, I contacted him and told him what a fine job he has done and that I was going to do some promoting on that video. Which to date, the video has gotten over 163 thousand views. With these many videos, it is obvious others like it as much as I do or found the information provided very useful and helpful.

He goes on to talking about micro-nutrients (NPK) and their values to the figs. He goes into detail of what NPK does or offers to the plants. Which is valuable information for any newcomer to figs. The video comes due to the observations people in the community have done and noticed his trees look amazing. Anthony is obviously having great success with his methods and fertilizing regiment. So why not watch a video from someone who has great success and who’s trees look phenomenal, right?

Some of the products he uses and shares with us are as follow:



A great video by The Millenial Gardener on youtube.

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