Avoid Moldy Fig Cuttings With Perlite!

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As I receive many fig cuttings there are always a few that impress me. This year’s award goes to a special friend, he uses perlite to absorb any excess water while keeping fig cuttings fresh. This year USPS delayed shipment was an average of 3 weeks in December to early January. Traditionally people used to send wrung out paper towel wrap fig cuttings. Others have recommended using newspaper instead of paper towels since the newspaper isn’t as effective at retaining moisture. Brawny paper towels hold too much moisture. I have many disappointed friends who received delayed and moldy fig cuttings. I think this perlite method of packaging fig cutting is best. Plus, it is also reusable. My friend has 100% success with rooting his cuttings in a mix of perlite and sphagnum moss.

With this method, no parafilm was used, which means money saved! Instead, each cutting was labeled with paint markers! My favorites are Sharpies Fashion Colors Medium Point Oil-Based Paint Markers.

Eco-friending packaging. I use one ziplock bag per cutting. In comparison, if I were to send out the same amount of variety and cuttings. I would end up using quite a bit of ziplock bags.

You can get perlite from almost any gardening or hardware store, and even online ship to your door. Here is one I found from my local home depot  Vigoro 2 cu. ft. Organic Perlite Soil Amendment 

Here is the disadvantage of working for perlite: this dust can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation. When working with perlite you might want to use goggles and a mask to reduce dust exposure. For me, I even wear gloves.  While I see the advantage of perlite, due to my sensitive allergies, will stick with my ziplock cuttings method. I just wanted to point out the pros and cons of perlite keeping fig cuttings fresh and not moldy upon arrival.

Who has given quality fig cuttings? Who do you recommend that has gone above and beyond just good fig cuttings?

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