Can Fig Database Really Become That Much More Easy To Use?

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One of Fig Database’s main goal is to create not only a Fig Database but an enjoyable experience with user friendly and one of a kind features created to help you manage your collection, and keep your very own records. In return, giving you more time to enjoy the hobby itself by dedicating the extra free time to your fig varieties from anywhere.

Re-imagine The Future Of Your Fig Collection!

As we continue to work on adding information for the database, chat with members of the community, do intensive research to fix mixed-up miss-information on varieties, fix bugs, take care of daily emails, requests and other goodies that come with running a website (built from the ground up), We also plan, sketch and create new features and ideas to better the user friendly experience for you, the user. Very few times did we receive a request for a “new feature” or “request to add” something which would help that particular individual. However, it is times like in this occasion where we received a request in which we thought we can surely do something like it and perfect it to offer it to the entire community.

On December 21, 2020, we got a message from WIFigger (Travis) in where he said:

Hey Rigo,

I was just thinking of cool things I could do with my fig collection. I wanted to run something by you. Would it be possible to generate QR codes that link to a variety or URL? Also, I thought it would be neat if you could just print a sheet of labels of everything on your list. Then, scan the code during the season and add notes. Not sure how practical it is or if anyone would actually do it though.

Fig-Tator on this throne in Figlandia

I chatted with him a little bit as he was on an airplane on the way to FigLandia or something  😆 . And so I thought it was possibly a great feature to offer to the community. I started my sketching and got my programmer involved and as always, I asked questions, did research, looked at my other websites and got in touch with other friends also in the tech world. Once we got good feedback and motivation from our closest friends, we went for it and started “Fig Database’s QR code system”. Once we made that decision, my mind, as always, started going all over the place, thinking of how this new feature and system can be built and most importantly, how it could be used…

So I looked at something else Travis mentioned:

Say a grower wanted to add reviews, pictures, notes, ratings etc.. They could just scan the code and it directs them to the variety to add all the information making it easier for them to submit.

That would be to add information to the database, which yes it would be helpful. But what about we make it even more helpful and useful? So here it is ladies and gents:

  • Lets say you are a small nursery, and you have 10 varieties to sell and 25 of each. Instead of hand writing the names on the treepots or pots, you would just print the 10 variety QR codes in sheets of 25, stick them to the containers and done!
  • Here’s another one. What if you are a collector, decided to just print out the QR codes for your varieties and are now on the pots or containers. You start seeing fruit and forgot which variety it was. You simply scan the QR code and BAM!!! it takes you to the variety page which shows you all the necessary information.
  • An even better one: Like Travis mentioned, you are in your garden/orchard and you take pictures of the leaves, fruit or find an observation you would like to add. Now, you don’t have to wait until you go inside your home or hope you don’t forget anything before you get in front of your compyter. You simply scan the QR code while in the garden to go to that variety and simply enter the details or upload the images, THAT SIMPLELADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

Fig Database QR code to Black Manzanita

Let’s give it a try shall we? If you don’t have a scanner on your phone, don’t worry. You can download it for free and we recommend you download Google Lens to scan the QR codes. Now that you’ve downloaded the app or already have a preffeed scanner, you can go ahead and scan the QR code for “Black Manzanita” and see if you don’t get so many ideas on how this new feature can benefit you. Personally, I have more ways to mention how “this system and feature is very helpful and useful” but to be honest, my fat fingers are now tired and I need to go eat.

The QR codes should appearing on all the variety pages, your fig collection page located in your profile and all print options within a week from now. I will at one point possibly make a video on how to use this feature and share it with all of you then.

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3 Responses to Can Fig Database Really Become That Much More Easy To Use?

  1. Angel Miller says:

    What a great idea! I’m loving the QR code options, and I’m glad to see them finally gaining wider usage. It’s just such a time saver. I intend to use this personally as well as in a retail setting. Can’t wait to see that video, Rigo.

  2. Edgar Boone says:

    Any suggestions on how to put a ‘permanent’ scan label on in ground plants?

    • Rigo says:

      I guess it depends on budget, Ed. I found this place (click here) that offers a few options. Now, they are pricey but for a permanent label or a long lasting one for a inground tree, I personally think it is well worth the money. Look into this link and it may atleast give you an idea of how to go about it.

      I also found these (click here) which seem to be very durable and a little cheaper but they are smaller.

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