Fig Tree Wounds

March 5, 2021 • Uncategorized • Views: 145

Fig tree wounds it hurts just to look at them. Some minor wounds can be repairable. Either by applying a tree sealer. The best treatment for the minor wound is to ignore it. Yes, you heard me right, the tree can heal itself, the tree in nature can attempt to repair the damage layer without any human assistant. I sort of think trees with certain scars have personality with some extra characteristics, making them unique compared to perfect trees. Not all scars make trees ugly. There are many beautiful and interesting trees that were shaped by tough love. This scar has been for some time and I did not notice it until now. A deep wound like this shown in my demonstration is a great example of how certain wounds can cut off the supply of the tree. It would be more suitable to cut off the damaged branch. And, have a new branch grow. The tip of this branch isn’t going to produce healthy fruits, it barely gets its food. Winter is the best time to see the tree without any leaves and have a closer look at the overall shape and health of the tree. Here is the link to my video.


Here are two links to some expert opinions about using wound sealers:

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