Happy New Year Fig Friends!

January 1, 2021 • All Things Figs • Views: 270

As a new year approaches, I make new fig goals. The goal is to reduce my wishlist! Oddly, that list never seems to go away and it becomes longer! Wintertime is fig cutting season. I remember when I first started collecting figs a few years ago, there was only the common Desert King and Vern’s Brown Turkey figs locally. Huge thanks to Ben B Nguyen for the awesome Pacific Northwest breba crop videos! I wait all year to see Ben’s top figs for the year as well as Harvey’s Sale! Now, I see more PNW locals grow other new figs that were recommended by Ben’s, instead of just a few the local nurseries offered. Someone had to be the first to test out. It takes a huge dedication, money, patience, time, and space to test out these new fig varieties. In the PNW, we owe it to Ben, Ram Viswanathan, my friend Slavi!
It starts with research and some of these figs once were just cuttings that were so rare. They were extremely expensive for the first few people who obtained them. As a fig variety becomes in high demand the price also skyrockets and eventually it burst when so many people have it becomes common and it’s easier to obtain. What is left is no longer the over the inflated desired price but a realistic price. If you are patient enough. I see no reason why something rare and hot won’t be easier to reach with time. Obtaining a new fig doesn’t necessarily mean paying high prices or buying. Rather trading is a great way if the other person holds their end of the deal. For me, trading and making new friends is more important than obtaining fig variety itself. It’s really just an opportunity for us to talk and share our fig growing experiences. For us PNW locals, we may be in the same state but as others have mentioned there is micro-climate differences. Each of us can contribute to how each fig variety performs by sharing our results with others in similar growing conditions. We all benefit from a larger collective database of information.
If you are just starting you will be surprised at the huge generosity of fig members who have helped newbies. And, as a recipient, I remember Ram, Chris Thomas, Keith Kurko gave me rooted figs. Members on ourfigs.com and figdatabase.com and Rigo Amador help with cuttings! So many of us repaid this contagious generosity forward to other newbies. I have not forgotten who has helped me. I have learned so much from Amy Kinsey fig post! Now, I’m so happy to see more local PNW fig friends and their collection growing! This may be a difficult year, but I’m glad we have each other in this great group of crazy fig collectors! May we continue to be supportive and helpful to one another! Thank you to everyone who has traded and gifted figs to me! I hope soon my son can take over his PNW Kids Gardening channel! For now, I hope to contribute to this awesome fig community with what has fruited for me and how it compares with the other figs that I grow. If you like our silly and fun videos please subscribe to our channel! 

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