Is it just the best or also the most beautiful?

March 11, 2020 • Fig Videos • Views: 141

Last year, I was fortunate enough to get some amazing, caprified figs from Brian M . I will be honest with you all. At the time, I had tasted some figs off my trees and I was not impressed at all. I was on the borderline of quitting “the fig game”. Until…. Brian introduced me to the variety “Burgan” (aka Burgan Unk.).

You guys know what happened next, right? Well here’s a recap of that special day.

Yes, I know it was caprified and I still need to taste it here, from my tree and see if it is still as good. But to be honest, this tree I have of the Burgan is giving me signs, literally saying it will be a good variety. I mean, it isn’t just the best tasting fig to me, it is also my most beautiful variety I have in my fig collection. The following images are of my tree, as it sits right now in a 5 gallon bucket, from a cutting.

Check out Brian's listings
I thank Brian a lot for helping me acquire this variety. It is going to be a special one for me for sure. If you want to see what Brian has for sale, you can currently find his listings on Fig Bid. He sells many very sought after varieties just like this one.

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