The Bardacik Fig Of Izmir

October 17, 2020 • All Things Figs • Views: 699

People of the Aegean cannot wait for it because it is the apple of the eye for them among all fig species. Especially, the people of İzmir treasures them. The slight splitting on the yellowish-green skin is normal for a ripe fruit. Unfortunately, they are enjoyable for a short time; the season lasts only for two-three weeks. They reveal their facec in the second half of August every year and become an indispensable of breakfasts. When bardacık is brought to the table, this means there can be no room for another fruit on the table. The people of İzmir love to have it for breakfast and glower at those who call it a fig. It is a precious fruit; it is hard to harvest; it is crushed easily because of its thin skin surface. That is why the farmers climb on trees with socks on early in the morning to handpick them one by one. They make pillows out of fig leaves to lay at the bottoms of the baskets. Instead of eating bardacık with its skin and before being called a vulgar for it, watch someone from İzmir while eating one. It is like a ritual. Its pollination is also unusual. It can only be done through a 1.5 mm fly called fig wasp. Fig wasps become a transporter of the pollen from the flowers of the wild fig trees. Fig jam is made only from the fruits of wild fig trees. Bardacık, which is sold double or triple the price of regular figs, is only one of the hundreds of fig species in İzmir. It has been told its sap heals some skin diseases like warts.

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