The reality of too many fig trees

April 28, 2020 • All Things Figs • Views: 396

When I started figs last year, I was happy with everything I got. Till this day, I am very happy learning, testing and finding out techniques and ways to make fig varieties work better for my zone and climate.

This year, I bought some, traded and got gifted many more varieties. I ofcourse, would love to test all of them out. Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible to do as my space is limited to grow them all as i wish to do.

Having figs now starting their second year and looking at what varieties are new to me, which will soon need to be up-potted, I realize i went overboard. Here is what I’m talking about.

Those are my second year trees, which are about 45 varieties.

Here are the new varieties which I thought were going to fill the space (pallets) I had left for them.

Just those alone are way too many for me to keep for my space. The other issue is, I still have more that I’m waiting on to see if they make it.









So I am basically in a very difficult predicament here. I have a few I will give away to friends but I am also going to make the difficult decision of selecting varieties which are not of high priority to me now and sell them off to help me cover some expenses.

What would you ladies and gentlemen do if you were in my shoes? I’d love to read what you think (funny or not).

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One Response to The reality of too many fig trees

  1. anwar hasan says:

    Looks like I am going through the same road you started
    Too hard to get rid of a fig tree
    May be with time and having a lot of fig trees will make it easy to let them go
    Sell them
    You have the space, I would plant a few trees of the best 10 variety, and make a business of selling trees, as well as cuttings and even the fruits
    I have some varieties from the Holly land, I got them from a friend of mine that his father brought them from Palastine many years a go

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